There's no doubt that the new Toyota Highlander at Alderman's Toyota is an excellent choice as your next SUV. With incredible performance and a spacious, feature-filled cabin, this new Toyota model will make every drive more exciting. While the new Highlander stands out from the crowd, it's still useful to compare it with another popular SUV on the market, the new Honda Pilot.

Which is More Reliable, the Toyota Highlander or the Honda Pilot?

When you look closer at each model, it becomes clear that the new Toyota Highlander is more reliable than the new Honda Pilot. The Highlander achieved a higher predicted reliability rating from J.D. Power, but it's engine is also more energetic, meaning you can count on it for a broader range of activities than the Honda Pilot.

Both SUVs are powered by one single engine, but there's a clear difference in power. The new Honda Pilot has a 280-horsepower V6 under the hood. The new Toyota Highlander outperforms with 295-horsepower V6. With this higher horsepower, you can count on the new Highlander to deliver more energy for tough projects and daring adventures.

Is the Toyota Highlander Bigger than the Honda Pilot?

In terms of exterior measurements, the new Toyota Highlander is a couple of inches smaller than the new Honda Pilot. However, the Highlander offers more headroom in the first row and more legroom in the second row. With this added room, passengers in these rows will find more space to stretch out and stay comfortable.

While the Pilot is slightly bigger on the outside, it doesn't offer quite as much cargo space as the new Highlander. In the Toyota SUV, you get more cargo space overall, which means you'll have more space to haul your outdoor gear, luggage, or shopping bags.

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