Winter Weather is No Problem in the Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla

Driving around the Rutland area in the winter or taking a trip to enjoy the snow should be a warm and comfortable adventure, not something drivers need to be concerned with. Luckily, drivers never need to worry about whether their Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry can get them safely around Rutland, even when it's snowing. Different features ensure that a winter drive in these cars is not only safe but also as comfortable as possible.

When heading off on a skiing trip, drivers can rest assured that their Camry or Corolla can get them there safely. Both cars feature front-wheel drive and the option to change between drive modes. Drivers can choose something more efficient for city or highway driving or something that offers more control for different, potentially slippery, weather conditions. Tires that work well for all seasons are standard on the cars, but a change to new winter tires can also give the car better traction and can offer drivers more stability.

While driving towards a magical winter getaway, drivers will also enjoy the cold weather comforts of the Toyota Camry and Corolla. Both vehicles feature heated front seats, so every drive is cozy. In addition, both cars offer a good deal of cargo and passenger space. The Corolla's seats are designed to offer not only more space for maximum comfort but also increased visibility. Also, both the Camry and Corolla offer rear seats that fold down, so drivers can easily pack skis, snowboards, sleds, or anything else that will make the next winter vacation the best one yet.

Explore all of the winter features the Toyota Corolla and Camry have to offer by visiting us at Alderman's Toyota. We can answer any other questions you might have, including information about winter tires and can service your Corolla or Camry to keep it running like new. We can also help you set up a test drive so you can experience both cars for yourself.

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