Its been a long, cold winter in Southern Vermont, but spring is finally here! If your Toyota is still riding on winter tires, it may be time to swap them out for summer tires. Alderman's Toyota offers a full line of OEM tires that fit your car, truck, SUV or minivan. In these troubled times, it's critical that essential workers can get out and serve the public. That's why we're offering pickup and delivery service for first responders and health care workers.

When Should You Replace Winter Tires?

All winter, you've probably been using tires with treads that were meant for digging through ice and snow. As the weather warms up in Southern Vermont, you'll want to make the switch to summer (or performance) tires. These tires are designed to provide outstanding dry and wet traction, along with more responsive handling. How do you know when to change them out? The general guidelines say to switch to performance tires when daily low temperatures are consistently above freezing each night and the long-term forecast shows no threat of heavy snow.

Full Line of OEM Tires and Expert Installation

Summer (or performance) tires are built for quickness and agility. They have less tread grooving to give you enhanced road grip and improved stability at higher speeds. The tire technicians at Alderman's Toyota can help you find just the right performance tires for your vehicle. With our expert installation, drivers in Southern Vermont will be good to go for the summer. Be sure to ask about pickup and delivery service for essential workers. Contact Alderman's Toyota today.

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