Exterior Features of the Toyota Avalon

In the full-size sedan class, the Toyota Avalon maintains its popularity, offering drivers a blend of performance and the kind of comfort and styling found in luxury cars.

With all accent pieces on the exterior colored piano black, the Avalon presents sophisticated lines with bold styling. The grille features a sport mesh and matches the side mirrors in color. Dynamic turn signals have a unique pattern, giving the Avalon a distinctive look. The headlights are high visibility LED bulbs with separate bulbs for high and low beams.

The tires are 19 inches in diameter and the hubcaps feature a starburst design worked in brushed aluminum alloy. The rear of the vehicle is dominated by dual exhaust pipes on either side of the bumper. If you'd like to take a Toyota Avalon on the road for a test drive, stop by Alderman's Toyota. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about the Avalon's exterior features.



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