More Car for Less Cash with the Toyota Corolla Hybrid

If you've been wanting a new vehicle but don't want a vehicle that's expensive to fuel, you'll love the Corolla Hybrid. This new twist on a classic car offers you 52 combined miles per gallon. You'll be able to drive around without having to stop at the pump quite so often. A newly redesigned front-end features a bold look without losing the styling that's reminiscent of the Corolla.

Toyota's Star Safety System provides you with additional traction control, eight airbags, braking assistance in dangerous situations and more. You'll feel confident that your family has the best technology behind them and will be as safe as possible.

You'll be able to test drive the Corolla Hybrid at our dealership to decide if it's a good match for you. We're so confident that you'll love it and are happy to get you a great deal to lease or own one for yourself. Get in touch with our showroom for a test drive of your new Corolla Hybrid, today!



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