Light Up the Road in the Toyota 4Runner

In the new Toyota 4Runner, night riding will be no problem. This popular mid-sized SUV is available with a powerful lighting system that helps you see in any environment. The lights also make you more visible to other drivers, helping you stay safe on your travels.

One of the first things you'll notice when you take a look at the 4Runner at Alderman's Toyota is the headlights. The SUV features headlights in a simple circle design. Despite its traditional look, these lights are packing a lot of power. They're projector-beam headlights. They provide a bright and focused light beam. The headlights also have integrated daytime running lights.

On the back of the 4Runner, you'll find stylish taillights. The taillights use LED technology for enhanced visibility. The lights are very bright and can be seen regardless of how sunny it is outside. Their placement on the rear of the SUV ensures that you can be seen wherever you drive in Rutland.



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