Truly Futuristic Car – 2018 Toyota RAV4

We appreciate advanced technology to augment the quality if life, and that of course includes what goes into our vehicles. We depend on our vehicles for safety, reliability and practicality. Once, it was believed that such practicality omitted high-tech accoutrements, but in modern times, this technology serves to improve these aspects in exponential ways.

Take the Toyota RAV4 as a prime example of this. Brilliant new technologies allow for one of the safest driving experience that technology can provide, with a state of the art lane departure alert system and steering assist. This prevents drifting from fatigue or poor visibility, preventing a lot of sideswiping accidents.

Along with this, dynamic radar cruise control allows you to keep a safe speed, detecting obstacles and vehicles ahead of you and regulating the speed per best road safety practices and legal speed regulations as well.

Add in a blind spot mirror system and an intuitive hands-free dashboard display, and you have a high-tech, safe vehicle for the new millennium. Come visit us at Alderman's Toyota Scion today to experience this for yourself.



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