Boost Your Drive in Rutland With Toyota's Entune

Toyota has just released its new Entune multimedia technology. The manufacturer's 2019 models of cars, trucks and SUVs will be outfitted with these great features. One aspect of Entune is the 8-inch touchscreen. With the touchscreen, you can get navigational information, change the mode of the audio and check your vehicle's performance.

Another great Entune feature is its Bluetooth compatibility. It will automatically connect with your Bluetooth-enabled device. Instead of having to push a button to take a call or scroll through your contacts to make a call, it responds to voice commands. Just say who you want to call, and it dials.

Do you want to try out all of this technology for yourself? Stop by to see us at Alderman's Toyota, and our friendly associates will show you the Toyotas with the Entune technology.



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