What is an Exhaust Manifold Gasket?

With the acknowledgment of pollution effects on the environment and people came the realization that something must change. The key turned out to be the exhaust manifold and its gasket. Modern exhaust manifolds direct emissions through a series of devices to burn out the most harmful elements of car exhaust. The exhaust manifold gasket closes gaps between the combustion chamber and the exhaust system. The gasket is essential in producing the complete burn possible.

Most exhaust manifold gaskets consist of layers of embossed steel that are resistant to the intense heat generated in the combustion chamber. When an exhaust manifold gasket leaks, the pressure needed to guarantee a complete burn inside the combustion chamber is compromised making for a dirtier exhaust that, in turn, places more demands of the emission control devices.

Bring your vehicle to our service center at Alderman’s Toyota to have your exhaust manifold gaskets tested.

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