Benefits of Driving in Winter with a Tank Full of Gas

Don't make the costly mistake many drivers will make this winter when they get behind the wheel and drive with barely any gas in the car. The reasons to keep the tank at fuel are plentiful, here are just a few to consider from our team at Alderman’s Toyota.

If the gas tank is full, there will be little room for moisture to form. that moisture will eventually turn into ice crystals, and the colder it gets, the more likely they can clog the fuel line and kill the engine. The lighter the vehicle, the easier for the tires to lose grip on the road and send the vehicle skidding out of the car lane. One way to add a few hundred pounds to the back of the car is keeping the gas tank as full of fuel as possible.

Stop by our Rutland, VT service center if you think your fuel line may have frozen moisture affecting the performance of the engine.

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