Understanding the Importance of Horsepower

Horsepower is still an important number to many vehicle owners. We think of horsepower in terms of engine strength. How much weight can I haul or pull? What is the vehicle designed to carry? Did you know the term horsepower dates back to the 18th century?

James Watt coined the term while trying to figure out how much a single horse could pull in a one-minute time span. He used the coal mines as his backdrop. The single horse would pull the coal for sixty seconds. His experiment yielded that horse could do 22,000 foot-pounds of production during one minute. He later increased that to 33,000 foot-pounds. This means that one increment of horsepower today is equal to pulling 33 pounds.

Our staff at Alderman’s Toyota wants you to understand the design of your new vehicle and engine. We hope to explain terms like horsepower, so you have the best understanding of your amazing new car, truck or SUV. You can visit our showroom in Rutland, VT today for more information.

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