How Much Can a Toyota 4Runner Tow?

Even the venerable combat Jeep of WWII was a towing vehicle. Partly based on the reputation and reliability of such vehicles and partly based on consumer demand, the modern sports utility vehicle is required to have considerable towing capacity.

The Toyota 4Runner is built to tow. The beefed-up anti-roll bars, the multi-link rear suspension, and the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System combine to create a maximum towing capacity of 500 tongue weight and 5,000 pounds of trailer weight. The tongue weight is the amount of extra weight that the suspension can support when placed at the center of the rear of the vehicle. Trailers are balanced to relieve as much pressure as possible on the tongue. However, allowances must be made for uphill and downhill pressures which magnify the amount of weight supported by the suspension.

At Alderman's Toyota, our technicians can help you adjust your tongue weight. If you're looking for a new Toyota 4Runner or another Toyota SUV, you've come to the right place. Stop by for a test drive today!



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