Make Your Vehicle Gleam This Summer with an Alderman's Toyota Car Wash

There aren't many things that beat a glistening vehicle to capture the attention of those you pass by during the summertime. And here at Alderman's Toyota, that is certainly made possible with the state-of-the-art carwash we run here at our dealership!

When you decide to stop by for a car wash, you get to experience a cleaning process that is both environmentally-friendly and designed to save water! Washing the undercarriage of your vehicle, cleaning the tires and inside of your wheels, polishing the exterior and providing a air-dry finish among many options, you will get to match the look of your Toyota model with the way that you feel from within!

We offer a number of packages with our Car Wash Club to help you save with discount packages. We look forward to having you stop by soon for a summer car wash, so that you can look good on your way to the next warm-weather event that you have scheduled!


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