How to Handle Getting Stuck While Driving This Winter

Every winter many of drivers are going to end up relying on one, two or all three of some very handy items. Salt, sand and kitty litter have long been the go-to items to help winter drivers get out of some very slippery and slick situations.

Each of these items serves its purpose and when used together can truly give one of the ideal edges for getting out of some of the worst situations. Salt may be the element to use. First, it will melt the ice and give you a good surface to work with for applying some traction.

Kitty litter will work ideally in a clump spread out just under the tires. It will get sticky when wet so spreading it out will not help much for traction but a large bit of it right under the tires gives you a great starting point. Sand works a great deal when spread out after the salt does its magic and will give you amazing traction.

If you want to make sure that your vehicle is ready to go for this winter season, bring it to Alderman’s Toyota today for winter maintenance. Drive safely this winter.

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